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BMT-AT Loops

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BMT/AT Loop Hikes

Loops near Springer Mountain (4.6, 6.2 and 10.6 miles)

There are several loops of varying distances formed by the BMT and AT in the first few miles north of the southern terminus of each trail at Springer Mountain, GA.  They are suitable for dayhikes of moderate difficulty.

Trailheads are at the Springer Gap parking lot on FS 42 and Three Forks on FS 58.

Georgia Loop (55 miles)

This loop is the triangle formed by the BMT, Duncan Ridge Trail and the AT.  It is described as “the toughest hike in Georgia.”  Trailheads include Three Forks on FS 58, Skeenah Creek on GA 60 and Woody Gap on GA 60.  (Georgia Loop Overview Map)

Southern Loop: Springer Mountain - Sassafras Gap (367 miles)

This is the southern loop of the big figure eight formed by the BMT and AT.  The BMT/AT intersection at Sassafras Gap is shortly after each trail enters the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  There are numerous trailheads on either the BMT or AT on this loop.

Northern Loop: Sassafras Gap - Big Creek (154 miles)

This is the northern loop of the big figure eight formed by the BMT and the AT.  It is entirely within the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  Access on the AT is from Fontana Dam, Newfound Gap and Big Creek.  Trailheads on the BMT are at the Twentymile Ranger Station, Noland Creek, Smokemont, Round Bottom and the Big Creek Ranger Station.  Note: see camping rules and reservation requirements in the Smokies.

BMT/AT Figure eight: Springer Mountain - Big Creek (521 miles)

This lopsided figure eight is formed by the BMT and AT between their southern terminus at Springer Mountain and the northern terminus of the BMT at Big Creek, where the AT leaves the Smokies.  Between these points, the BMT covers 287 miles while the AT covers 234 miles.

Other Long-Distance Trails Intersecting the BMT

Although not forming loops with the BMT, the following long-distance trails also intersect the BMT and can be combined with it: the Pinhoti Trail in Section 2 and the Mountains-to-Sea Trail in Section 21.

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