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BMTA normally schedules four or five hikes per month, some “leisure” hikes that are shorter and easier and some 5 to 8 miles and of moderate difficulty. In addition, we have occasional backpacking hikes and more difficult ones that might be called “hardy hikes.” Occasionally we co-sponsor hikes with other organizations. Some, but not all, of our hikes are “dog friendly.” Although more hikes are in Georgia than the other states, you will find hikes in all three BMT states: Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee.

*Please refer to: BMTA COVID-19 Hiker Guidelines and BMTA COVID-19 Maintenance Guidelines.

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Emery Creek

Moderate 5 miles. The trail for this in-and-out hike is fairly easy, but 26 stream crossings (a number up to your ankles and two around your knees) and a section of potentially slippery rock toward the beginning and at the end make it more difficult than it otherwise would be.  Holly and Emery Creeks, two lovely waterfalls and a beautiful trail make it worth the trouble. Hike Leader Ken Cissna.

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Aug 26 2022


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