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Your donations today are

“…leaving a path for generations to follow.”


What does my contribution do?

No matter the size of your gift, please know that you are supporting our mission to build, maintain and protect the corridor known as the Benton MacKaye Trail!

Each year we spend thousands of dollars on the purchase of tools, protective gear and materials as well as for training and many other trail related projects.

*Consider what your gift can do.

  • $ 50 purchases loppers, swing blade or spool of weed cutter line.
  • $ 90 will provide a hard hat with face and ear protectors,
  • $150 equips one of our trail maintainers with a McLeod rake or fire rake.
  • $300 provides our certified chainsaw operators with a 16” chainsaw.
  • $650 purchases a heavy-duty brush cutter.

As a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, donations are deductible to the degree permitted by law. Our EIN Number is 58-1428009.

Thank you for your generous donation!

*The items listed are for illustration purposes only. Your gift is not restricted to the above-mentioned items. It may be combined with other gifts to fund the purchase of tools, personal safety devices, materials and training. Funds received in excess of BMTA’s annual budget in this area may be used for larger projects such as bridge building, parking lot construction, building trail head kiosks, etc.

Donate Now

Projects Past and Present

Here are some of our completed projects as well as some that need funding now. All projects are intended to protect and preserve the trail and to provide increased enjoyment for hikers.

If you are interested in funding part or all of any of these projects, please contact President, Benton MacKaye Trail Association.

Project  Cost
Completed Projects
Bridge Replacement at Mill Creek (Section 10a)  $   2,000
Bushy Head Gap Steps  $      500
Maintenance Supplies  $   2,000
Rhodes Mountain Reroute  $      500
Tools and Equipment  $   1,500
Trail Signs  $    1,200
Volunteer Training  $    3,000
 $ 10,700
2024 Projects
Big Stamp Gap Drainage Improvements  $   1,000
Brookshire Creek Bridge  $   1,500
Loss Creek Bridge  $   1,500
Suspension Bridge Steps  $   1,000
Tools and Equipment  $   1,500
Trail Signs  $   1,500
Unicoi Reroute  $   5,000
Volunteer Training  $   3,000
Wilderness Maintenance Summer Crew  $ 10,000
Hiker - Next to Car

Land Acquisition Fund

In the early 70s, Founding Father of the BMT Dave Sherman’s life-long passion for hiking and the AT was set ablaze when he attended a presentation of AT thru hiker, Billy Taylor. Once Taylor had answered Sherman’s innumerable questions, a hike of the entire AT was at the top of Sherman’s “to do” list.

But Taylor had one last piece of advice, “Well, if you’re going to do it, you had better do it before it is too late.”

Taylor went on to explain that development pressures along the AT were forcing the trail off private land and onto public roads. “There may not be a continuous trail much longer,” Taylor concluded.

Those statements were made almost 50 years ago, but they apply to all trails in existence today. Developers are snapping up most any property that comes on the market. What once was a secluded, forested plot of land becomes a subdivision or a strip mall. Trail organizations must ‘be prepared’ to act as soon as land needed for the trail corridor hits the market. Even before a property is for sale, trail organizations need to take the initiative to open negotiations with and/or make offers to near-by property owners whose land would be a valuable addition for the trail corridor. In taking that initiative, hopefully land owners and trail organizations can work together for the benefit of both.

Ninety-five per cent of the Benton MacKaye is on either Forest Service or National Park Service property. BMTA needs to move as quickly as possible to secure permanent routes that eliminate the remaining 15 miles or so of road walk and “non-permanent” trail that crosses private land.

BMTA is getting prepared — the Board has established a Land Acquisition Fund (LAF). But we need your help to fund these endeavors. Tax deductible donations can be made online on the Land Acquisition Fund Donate Page. Or mail a check with the notation “Land Acquisition Fund” in the memo field to BMTA, PO Box 6, Cherry Log, GA 30522.

Donate to the Land Acquisition Fund
Trail maintenance

Gift by Check

To make a gift by check, complete a donation form and mail to:

Benton MacKaye Trail Association
PO Box 6
Cherry Log, GA 30522

Please put “Donation” in the memo line of the check.

As a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, donations are deductible to the degree permitted by law. Our EIN Number is 58-1428009.