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  • Mountain view

    Join the Benton MacKaye Trail Association. Help us maintain, protect and improve the BMT for the enjoyment of hikers now and in the future.

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    Volunteer with us! We need people just like you to join us in maintaining the BMT to make it safe and enjoyable for hikers.

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    Donate today. Leave a path for generations to follow by helping us maintain and protect this amazing natural resource.

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Mountain view
... leaving a footpath for generations to follow.

Who we are

Formed in 1980, the nonprofit Benton MacKaye Trail Association (BMTA) was tasked with constructing, maintaining and preserving the Benton MacKaye Trail (BMT) – to leave “a footpath for generations to follow”.

The BMTA has grown to over 897 members – all of whom are outdoor enthusiasts who hike, backpack and maintain the BMT. Our volunteers lead hikes open to the public throughout the year and opportunities abound for those wanting to help maintain the trail. At various venues across the three states, our members promote hiking, camping and a wilderness experience in the Southern Appalachian Mountains as well as highlight the importance of a good conservation ethic.

The BMT traverses 81.8 miles in Georgia and 205.8 miles in Tennessee / North Carolina. This includes 93 miles in the Smokies, making it the longest trail in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. With its glorious ridgeline views and the innumerable crossings of mountain streams, the almost 300 mile long Benton MacKaye Trail (BMT) comes by its reputation for beauty honestly. Also known for its remoteness, a third of the trail lies in Wilderness areas where vehicular access and motorized tools are prohibited. Here, the hiker finds true peace and solitude.