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BMTA normally schedules four or five hikes per month, some “leisure” hikes that are shorter and easier and some 5 to 8 miles and of moderate difficulty. In addition, we have occasional backpacking hikes and more difficult ones that might be called “hardy hikes.” Occasionally we co-sponsor hikes with other organizations. Some, but not all, of our hikes are “dog friendly.” Although more hikes are in Georgia than the other states, you will find hikes in all three BMT states: Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee.

*Please refer to: BMTA COVID-19 Hiker Guidelines and Hiker Guidelines.

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November 18 TN/NC Maintenance Trip

Sure could use some help from the Georgia Crew on this trip!


When:   Saturday, November 18, 2023
Where:  Sections 16c – Brookshire Creek Section
Time:  8:30 AM
Meeting Location:  This is a remote section with long drives – especially since the Tellico River Road is closed for much of the way.

Brookshire Creek Map Road Map

Brookshire Creek Work Areas

Tennessee Crew:  The TN folks will meet at the Cherohala Skyway Visitor Center at 8:30 AM. They will consolidate vehicles and drive up the Skyway to follow River Road, Wildcat Road and Bald River Road to Campsite 11 which is the lower trailhead for the Brookshire Creek Trail.

Georgia/North Carolina Crew:  Meet at the Big Oak Cove Campground for the GA/NC folks which is just east of the FS road which heads up to Beaverdam Bald. Come in from the North Carolina side from Murphy to the upper end of the Tellico River Road. Meet at 8:30 AM at the Big Oak Cove Campground about a mile west of the TN/NC state line. This campground is just east of the FS road which goes up to Beaverdam Bald. From here, consolidate vehicles and drive to Beaverdam Bald.

Plan for the Day:  This is Wilderness, so we’ll be using crosscut saws and swing blades/loppers. The first 0.8 mile of the Brookshire Creek Trail above Campsite 11 already has been logged and cleared.

Tennessee Crew:  The TN crew will start work where the SAWS crew stopped in August and work towards Beaverdam Bald until they meet the GA/NC Crew #2.

GA/NC Crew #1:  The NC Folks will split into two groups. One group will start at Sled Runner Gap and work downhill to the campsite on the left … about halfway down the mountain. They will return to the top and drive out to go home.

GA/NC Crew #2:  The second NC Crew will go down to the campsite and work downhill till they meet the TN Crew coming up from Campsite 11. Then both crews will hike out to Campsite 11. The TN folks will shuttle these workers back to their vehicles at Big Oak Cove Campground.

Our hope is that we get the entire Brookshire Creek section cleared, but if not, we can finish it off at another time with a small crew. We really need the help of the GA and NC folks for this maintenance trip. A few SAWS folks plan to join us as well.

What to Bring/What to Wear:  Water, food/snacks, gloves, long pants and boots with non-slip soles. Bring safety glasses and hard hats if you have them. PPE will be provided for those without.

Please bring a crosscut saw, hand saw, loppers, hand clippers
and swingblade if you have them!

Watch for additional information in emails and on the BMTA website!

No Chowtime at the Trailhead

Please bring lunch, snacks and plenty to drink.

To RSVP Contact:

Rick Harris –

You also can register online below.


Nov 18 2023