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Current Officers
President:Tom Keene
Vice President:Dick Evans
Secretary:Joy Forehand
Treasurer:Margaret Evans
GA Maintenance:Barry Allen
TN/NC Maintenance:Ken Jones
Smokies Coordinator:Dick Evans
Membership:Ralph Heller
Publicity:Marge Heller & Marcia Lehman
Conservation:Peter Busscher
Hiking:Ken Cissna
Newsletter Editor:Kathy Williams
State Rep. - GA:Larry Dumas
State Rep. - TN/NC:Rick Harris
Imm. Past President:Bob Ruby

The Benton MacKaye Trail Association is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization.

Association bylaws revised on 02-Nov-2013


Want to help the Benton MacKaye Trail Association, but not ready to join? Consider making a Donation instead. All donations are deductible to the degree permitted by law, and all donations are used directly for Trail Support, not administrative expenses. You can donate by sending a personal check to the address above or using a credit or debit card thru Paypal.

Home page photo, the BMT along Tennessee/North Carolina state line as seen from Whigg Meadow in Spring, courtesy of Alleen Davis.


2017 Benton MacKaye Trail Association Annual Meeting

Vogel State Park, Blairsville, Georgia.
November 3-5, 2017

Have you registered, paid for the Friday evening dinner, and indicated your menu preference? If not click HERE.

BMT Closure in Tennessee

A Cherokee National Forest Closure order has been issued that includes closure of the BMT from Mud Gap southbound to Sandy Gap. The details of this closure order can be found at the following link:

This closure order is the result of the crash of a Navy Trainer Jet and the tragic loss of two lives. In order to through hike the trail around the closed area, hikers should follow these directions:
Northbound Hikers: Leave the BMT at the end of Section 15b in Sixmile Gap. Continue up an old manway to the top of Waucheesi Mountain. Continue down FDR 126C to the Bald River Road at Basin Gap. Turn right on the Bald River Road and follow it to the paved Tellico River Road FDR 210. Turn left and proceed through Green Cove. After passing Dam Creek campground, take the next road to the right, the North River Shortcut. At the intersection with the North River Road, FDR 217, turn right and continue up the North River Road. As you approach Stratton Meadows and can see the concrete bridge for the Cherohala Skyway, look for the BMT continuing on your left.
Southbound Hikers: Leave the BMT when you reach the North River Road FDR 217 by turning right and continuing downhill. Follow the North River Road past the closed road to Whigg Meadow on your left and take the first open road to the left, the Green Cove Shortcut Road. The North River Campground is just beyond this left turn. When you reach the blacktop at Tellico River Road, turn left toward Green Cove. Continue through Green Cove and take the first open road to the right, Bald River Road FDR 126. Continue on the Bald River Road past the Closed Holly Flats Campground and up to the next open road to the left at Basin Gap. Take FDR 126C to the top of Waucheesi Mountain. Continue across the top of the mountain and take an old manway leading south and down to Sixmile Gap. Continue straight ahead and onto Section 15b on the BMT.

US Forest Service Alerts and Notices

Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest Alerts and Notices
Cherokee National Forest Alerts and Notices
National Forests in North Carolina Alerts and Notices


Contact the Ranger District (relevant to your hike) listed on the BMTA Federal Agency Partners Page.

The Trail

The Benton MacKaye Trail (BMT) is a footpath of nearly 300 miles (480 km) through the Appalachian mountains of the southeastern United States. It is designed for foot travel in the tradition of the Appalachian Trail (AT).

Running from Springer Mountain in Georgia to Big Creek Campground on the northern edge of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park (the Smokies), the BMT passes through some of the most remote backcountry in Georgia, Tennessee and North Carolina, including eight federally designated Wilderness and Wilderness Study Areas. For further information on the trail, visit the BMT Vital Info page.

Blue Ridge BMT Trail Town

Blue Ridge, GA is the official Benton MacKaye Trail Town in Georgia. Click here for more information about the Blue Ridge experience.

For Hikers

There are numerous access points and trailheads along the BMT route creating many options for one-way and loop hikes, and several more in combination with local trails. Longer hikes are possible on the BMT by doing a partial or full thru-hike. And the longest walks are done by also using the three major intersecting trails, the Pinhoti, the AT, and the 900-plus mile Mountains-to-Sea Trail.

Because the BMT intersects the AT at each terminus and in the middle, three large hikable loops are formed in a figure 8: a lower circle of 364 miles, an upper Smokies-only walk of 158 miles, and 'The BMT Loop' - a complete circuit hike of over 500 miles. The Georgia Loop, "toughest hike in Georgia", is a 55-mile triangle of the BMT, the AT and the Duncan Ridge Trail. In the Eastern Continental Trail; the 4400-plus mile route from Key West, Florida to Cape Gaspe, Quebec, Canada; the BMT connects the Pinhoti and Appalachian Trails. For more hiker information, check the Hiker Resources page.

The Association

The Benton MacKaye Trail Association (BMTA) was organized in 1979 and incorporated in 1980 to build and maintain the BMT. Driving the effort was a desire to see opened for hiking Benton MacKaye's chosen route for his Appalachian mountain trail. MacKaye (rhymes with sky), Massachusetts forester and co-founder of The Wilderness Society, was the man whose vision inspired what is today the Appalachian Trail. In the south, he had selected a more westerly route, along the western crest of the Blue Ridge, roughly that followed today by the BMT. The BMTA's 25th anniversary year saw the original plan completed as the route was officially opened on July 16, 2005.

As with most trail organizations, the BMTA is an all-volunteer, nonprofit group of folks who want to see the trail remain open and in good shape. Those who live close enough and are able gather regularly to work on maintaining the trail, also to hike and for special events. They and others contribute through their membership.

Want to Help?

Your support is welcome. Becoming a member, participating in or leading maintenance and/or recreational outings, adopting a section of trail, serving on the BMTA board of directors, being a project leader, assisting with administrative needs, and/or making a financial donation are all ways in which you can lend a hand. It's easy to join and when you keep your membership current, you're helping us maintain and improve the trail. See the Want to Help? page for a list of current needs.

Any and all are invited to participate in BMTA outings; no experience is necessary and membership is not required. Join us!

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